James Seberger, M.D., Ph.D. and Veronica Seberger, RN, BSN, BCN

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The Value of the Direct Care Practice


The primary care practices are organized as direct care practice. This allows the practice to be open and allow for care over years. This allows for Dr. Seberger to attend to the health of the patient, which is the best way to obtain long term health and cost savings. We address many of the root causes of disease, and use lab testing to measure the degree of disease. 

At Cognitive Performance & Health, we don’t believe in waiting around for a patient to get sick before we treat them. We believe that by taking care of each individual patient and working to improve their functioning before they get sick, we will be able to prevent many of the ailments of our times.

Current medical practices wait for disease to happen. With current detection technologies, we can step in before that happens. It is also true that disease is impossible to stop at all times, in all conditions, in everyone. However, our goal is early detection and intervention, which can reduce the effects of a disease and increase the odds for a successful outcome.

A common, every day example is teeth cleaning. It’s recommended that you get your teeth cleaned twice a year. This avoids further dental decay and the cost of that repair, saving you time, money, and pain. We are applying this logic to health care, with the measurement of inflammation, cholesterol profiles, toxic levels, and nutrient profiles. Early detection and intervention saves time, money, pain, and untimely death and disability.

You have access to your doctor by phone, text, e-mail 
This allows valued continuity of care, so that you can reach the physician who knows you best.

Longer appointment times to visit your physician. Bring your list. There is sufficient time to go through the items on it. And often your concerns are all related and helping one may well help all.

Development of a wellness and performance plan
Actually develop a plan with your doctor to become healthier and to live well! We do this by using an extended history taking process that goes much deeper than a usual medical history. Our history form has the ambitious title: “The New Medical Chart: Creation of a Cohesive Health Picture for the Longitudinal Study, Prevention, and Abatement of Disease”.