• FDA Approved biological test 6-18 years old.

  • We can measure ADHD in under 15 minutes.

Here at Cognitive Performance & Health, we have FDA approved biological testing to more efficiently measure ADHD or identify the need to broaden an ADHD diagnosis.  We measure the electrical activity in the front part of the brain (frontal lobes & executive function) to derive a biomarker called Theta Beta Ratio (TBR). 


Sometimes, a diagnosis of ADHD is a culmination of symptoms that could be explained by other issues, such as: diet, food allergy, gut issues, lack of sleep, a developmental trauma.


With this system, we are able to measure ADHD within 15 minutes. The technology measures the child’s Theta-Beta Ratio (TBR) and can determine if it is ADHD based on that ratio, or if the child is more likely to have other medical conditions that could account for the symptoms.


The results provide treatment considerations such as: 


  1. These patients are more likely to experience noimprovement with ADHD medications.

  2. More likely to experience adverse events with ADHD medications.


And academic considerations such as:


  1. More likely to have satisfactory academic status.

  2. More likely to receive teach rating scales inconsistent with ADHD.


If you are questioning a diagnosis of ADHD or if you suspect your child has ADHD, we can help.  


If your child has tried multiple ADHD medications and nothing seems to work, or you are not sure why your child is still exhibiting behaviors, this tool is non-invasive and can provide answers.