from a dream to reality...       

Cognitive Performance & Health was born out of necessity when Veronica and Dr. Seberger's son started exhibiting signs of social anxiety and anger. Thus, the journey of Neurofeedback began. 

What started out as helping her son, quickly evolved into a business opportunity. People were wondering what she was doing for him and became interested in the idea. They wanted her help also. That was when she knew she had to bring this to Wichita and add onto her husband's practice; since Dr. Seberger largely focuses on cognition, it was the perfect fit! Veronica continued her education and became Board Certified in Neurofeedback and the rest is history! 


Dr. Seberger started his private practice in 2012, with a special interest in cognitive medicine. He has found that by treating cognitive dysfunction in both a medical and complementary medicine approach that much of the chronic disease which people have improves, including memory decline. 





Veronica Seberger is an RN, BSN, BCN and graduated from the University of San Francisco, California.  She worked as a trauma nurse at UC Davis and worked with the homeless population in the Tenderloin District in public health nursing in San Francisco, California​.

She is using neurofeedback on children and adults who have history of trauma, anxiety, depression anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and sleep issues. Her passion is helping kids and adults from all walks of life, fitness, community, and above all, her kids. She is constantly working towards expanding the services and programs she can offer and is a Certified Nutrition Health coach. 

One thing Veronica truly values is listening to her patients. We have countless testimonials explaining how Veronica was the first one to listen to them and get to the root of the problem. We don't look for a simple ADD, Depression or other common medication diagnosis. She values atmosphere and smiles and bringing a sense of calm to everyone who comes through our doors. I think what she really gives to the people she sees, is hope. 

“I enjoy using my Ph.D. to identify new patterns of illness, and teaching patients about their illness and how it fits into the ecological patterns of their lives. We work together to achieve their goals, which we measure in a methodical, long-term fashion. Constancy is critical. The approach is very scientific, as it is literature based and measured in a regular, goal-like fashion.”