Brain Map

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Brain Mapping is a way of studying the brain where behaviors of the brain are mapped to show specific function. At Cognitive Performance & Health, we use the methods of computer training to reduce anxiety and improve executive function. The QEEG data that is collected will then guide our Neurofeedback Protocols, which can treat and improve the following:
Stress, Academic Performance, ADD, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety Attention, Memory, Impulse Control, Peak Performance, Mood, Sleep, Concussions, Executive Processing, Attentiveness, Emotional Trauma and More!

Brain mapping records the brain’s electrical activity at multiple sites on the surface of the scalp. The maps are then compared to a database of healthy normal individuals the same age as the client. Once the assessment is complete, we develop a treatment protocol that specifies the sites on the scalp and brain wave elements to be trained.

QEEG pro utilizes a comprehensive profile report on the relation between the patient's individual brain activity profile and the patient's neuropsychological symptoms. With a large recorded database there are more comparable conditions. 


The Neuroguide database is widely regarded as a high quality database for EEG diagnostics because of it's high level of sensitivity and cross validation. 



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